Every spring we see homes with damaged plumbing, floors, and ceilings due to improper winterization. But don't fret; Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor can ensure that doesn't happen to you!

If your property is vacant during the winter months, contact a licensed plumber like Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor to have it winterized. Turning off the water main and leaving the heat on is not always enough!

In addition to repairing frozen pipes, Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor offers winterization agreements for all types/sizes of homes. If you have any concerns about your Delaware or Maryland home plumbing system, we can do a thorough evaluation to identify any potential problems.
The most crucial reason to winterize a home is to avoid frozen pipes. Water pipes are particularly susceptible to freezing. Water expands in its frozen state, which can lead to a rupture. Frozen pipes are not only inconvenient but can also cause severe home damage. Home winterization encompasses a range of other plumbing services, including those related to your major appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines. Winterization includes ensuring your home maintains a safe temperature throughout the winter while keeping your energy consumption and costs to a minimum.

Protect Your Major Appliances

Suppose you plan to be away for the winter and not use your major appliances. In that case, our home winterization services protect those significant investments and provide you with peace of mind. Our professional crew unplugs devices that don't need power throughout the winter. Our crew members will shut off the valves for your gas appliances. Refrigerators and freezers will be defrosted properly and propped open to avoid mildew or mold growth. Devices that hold water will be drained, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters.
Shortly before your return, we'll plug in your major appliances, reattach all gas connections, and prime appliances that hold water.

Be sure to ask about outdoor hose bib winterization. Homeowners often overlook outdoor hose bibs when it comes to home winterization, and it's not enough to roll up and store your garden hose. Failing to drain outdoor hose bibbs and disable the water supply can result in frozen pipes that lead to burst pipes and water damage inside the home. Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor ensure that all spigots are fully open, allowing them to drain and avoid any pressure buildup in the pipes.

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