Water Softeners

Water Softeners

When it's time for a new water softener, trust the experts at Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor. Our certified team members have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to ensure you get the right equipment to suit your needs. 

Our water softener installation services begin with a thorough assessment of your home, needs, and budget. Afterward, we discuss system options and help you make the best decision. Our professionals double-check the work during our installation to ensure everything is perfect. And before leaving, our professionals will show you how to use your new system.

We install highly trusted and respected national water softener brands. 

How a Water Softener Works

A water softener is tied into your home's plumbing. The system includes tanks and mechanisms that work to remove calcium and magnesium minerals from the water. The system produces softer water that gets clothes cleaner in the washing machine, dishes cleaner in the dishwasher, and leaves less soap scum in tubs and sinks. Plus, the water leaves your skin feeling better after a shower!

Purchasing Your New Water Softener

There are several factors to consider when choosing a water softening system for your home, including how often it will be used. Also, how many family members live in the house? How often do you wash laundry and take baths or showers? The hardness of the existing water also needs to be considered. There are a few types of water softener systems available. If you are unsure which water softener system to purchase, ask a professional plumber with experience installing water softeners in your Maryland or Delaware area. And remember, our experts are also trained to provide any needed maintenance and repairs to your water softening system.

The Different Types of Salt

A water softener uses salt, and it's essential to use the proper type of salt. The options available are:

  • Rock Salt – the least expensive type of salt that tends to build up in the water softener due to its mineral content. Rock salt contains a high amount of calcium sulfate, which means it won't dissolve well in water and could cause future maintenance headaches.
  • Solar Salt – the average choice with good solubility and a reasonable price. Solar salt is sold in either crystal or pellet form and is made through evaporating seawater. Solar salt is more soluble than rock salt. Still, if your water hardness level is very high, solar salt may not work as well as evaporated salt. Many brands contain 99.6 pure salt.
  • Evaporated Salt – the best choice for your water softener because it is the gentlest and purest form, meaning less chance of insoluble buildup in the bottom of the tank that will need to be cleaned out. This is the most recommended but also the most expensive option.

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