Tree Root Removal

Tree Root Removal

If you’re like many homeowners, you’re probably very careful of what you put down the drains. You most likely know that things like grease, fats, and oils can cling to your pipes and cause major blockages. But even the most cautious people can find their sewer lines clogged, no matter how meticulous they are about what goes into their sinks!

The culprit is something you have little to no control over: tree roots. Tree roots are drawn to the warm water flowing through your pipes and will work their way into any found cracks. Eventually, these tiny roots will start to expand, cutting off the flow of food particles, toilet paper, and more. The tree roots can get so large that they split open your pipes completely. Tree root infiltration in your septic system and drainage pipes will result in slow drainage of showers and sinks, and slow flushing toilets. The damage can also lead to sewage backup in your home or business.

Tree Root Removal Process

Our mission is to make plumbing service as painless for you as possible. We begin the process with a video camera inspection to locate exactly where the tree roots have reached into your pipes and determine how much damage they’ve caused.

Once we’ve figured out the extent of harm the roots have caused, we will use a drain snaking machine to attempt to slice through the roots and get water flowing freely again. We may also utilize a high-pressure hydro jetting system to blow away the roots with water. Depending on the magnitude of damage and root infiltration, we might recommend a section of the pipe to be replaced or an entire sewer line replacement. 

If you’ve got a major blockage in your drain in Delaware or Maryland and you think tree roots may be to blame, don’t wait—call Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor for root removal services today at (302 )945-5322

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