Sink & Faucets Installation

Sink & Faucets Installation

Are you looking for a change in your faucet style, sink basin, or both? It seems you may be considering hiring a professional plumber to perform a sink installation. Our team of local technicians offers dependable sink installation services in areas of Delaware and Maryland such as Millsboro, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, and Salisbury. We have been offering plumbing services to homeowners in your area for over 25 years.

What Type of Sink Is Best For You?

To make things a little simpler, here are the different sink options you have to consider:

Drop-In Sinks:

Drop-in sinks are the most common; as the name implies, they drop into a hole in the counter and sit flush with the countertop. These sinks are often cheap, easy to install, and could be a great all-around choice for your new sink.

Undermount Sinks:

Unlike a drop-in sink, under-mount sinks screw into the underside of your countertop. An under-mount sink installation can be substantially more expensive, yet they attract less mold and are easier to clean. 

Double Basin Sinks:

The defining characteristic of a double basin sink is a divider down the middle of the basin. The division allows you to use the sink for two things at once. The double basin sink has become one of the most popular on the market.

Integrated Sinks:

Integrated sinks are made of the same material so that the countertop and the basin are one seamless piece. However, there are limited materials to choose from, and they can be costly and hard to find for kitchens. 

Farmhouse Sinks:

A farmhouse sink is a large, single basin sink that sits flush with the front of the cabinets. Many people find farmhouse sinks desirable due to their sturdy builds, large basins, and beautiful aesthetics. Unfortunately, they tend to drip because there's zero counter in front of them to catch overspray.

Corner Sinks:

A corner sink is precisely that, a sink that fits into a corner on your countertop. Corner sinks usually consist of two basins with an integrated dish drying area. These sinks are a unique solution for kitchens with limited space and homeowners who desire maximum usable counter space. Like most other specialty sinks, corner sinks can be expensive and hard to come by.

What Kind of Faucet Should You Pick?

You're replacing your sink, but now you must pick a new faucet. Here's a list of the four types of taps to choose from:

Compression Faucets:

These are formerly the most common type of faucet. Compression faucets have two knobs that you unscrew to operate hot and cold water streams. The benefit is they're simple, common, and cheap to buy. 

Ball Faucets:

Ball faucets are less prone to leaking. To operate a ball faucet, lift a single handle behind the fixture and rotate it from left to right to select desired water temperature. These are great because they're simpler to operate but are often more expensive.

Disc Faucets:

These faucets are the most durable because they operate on a single axis, reducing wear and tear. You work a disk faucet by lifting it and pressing it down. You can identify a disk faucet by its large, cylindrical body. 

Cartridge Faucets:

Cartridge faucets are slowly replacing compression faucets and could be the type of faucet you have in your bathroom right now. A majority of cartridge faucets look similar to compression faucets, but instead of knobs that you unscrew, they have handles that turn at a 90-degree angle. 

Ready To Start the Sink Installation Process?

Are you planning a remodel, a complete restoration project, or a bit of a kitchen refresh? Don't delay - contact the pros! The trained plumbers at Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor offer dependable sink installation services and are ready to help you tackle your home projects. We understand you have a lot to think about, but we're here to help answer any questions you may have. Give our plumbers a call by phone at (302) 945-5322 to request an appointment.

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