Leak Detection

Leak Detection

If you suspect a plumbing leak, your quick outreach to the right team could help prevent high water bills and property damage. Unfortunately, leaks are frequently hidden behind walls, floors, and even the foundation, making them challenging to spot. As professionals, we look for bulging walls or ceilings, along with cracks in the foundation. If a leak is truly hidden, we use specialized plumbing cameras to view inside walls. With technology by our side, we can find your mystery leak. Be on the lookout for these signs of a leak:

  • Water damage to your home, such as yellow stains on the ceiling, floor, or walls 
  • Standing water under the kitchen or bathroom sinks, near bathtubs, or around toilets
  • The sound of running water, even with all the taps turned off 
  • Unexplained increase in your water bill 
  • Decrease in water pressure 
  • Banging, squeaking, or any unusual sounds coming from the pipes 
  • Persistent sewage odors on your property

You may not be able to see your pipes, but if they start acting up, your quality of life could suffer. Do your pipes leak or clog frequently? Does your water taste funny or flow from the tap at a mere trickle? Don’t ignore these problems! Harry Caswell offers the professional plumbing services you need to get things flowing once again. Count on us for leak detection, pipe repair, or pipe replacement in the Sussex County area.

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