Grease Trap Installation & Repairs


Grease Trap Installation & Repairs

Sewer collection systems cannot process grease buildup. Grease traps filter out the grease left in discarded water, allowing the sewer system to function properly. Functioning grease traps are very important for restaurant owners because they prevent backups and keep your business compliant with state sewage regulations. Get a grease trap installation from Harry Caswell today.

Does your grease trap have holes in it? Call us for immediate grease trap repairs. We’ll patch your trap quickly to prevent worse issues down the line.

Schedule Grease Trap Maintenance When You Need It Most

Our team recommends scheduling routine maintenance appointments to maintain system efficiency. Ensure a thorough clean by calling our grease trap cleaning team. The trusted pros at Harry Caswell Plumbing, Mechanical and Utility Contractor only leave once the grease trap is odorless and crystal clear. We service the entire tank, scraping away hardened grease, and removing deposits. 

We safely dispose of waste during all grease trap cleaning services. Waste tanks are dropped off at licensed, federally approved processing plants, where they cannot contaminate the local sewer water.


How does a grease trap work?

  • Wastewater enters the grease trap from your sinks and dishwashers.
  • The water cools and the grease and oil harden and float to the top of the trap.
  • The rest of the wastewater flows through the trap and out the exit pipe to the sewer.
  • The grease, oil and fat remain in the trap.

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