Fire Hydrant Installation & Repairs

Fire Hydrant Installation & Repairs

Fire hydrants are one of the main sources of protection against a fire. As a necessary part of a public safety system, they need to be kept in good working order. Harry Caswell can help you keep everything in check. Our trained technicians will make sure that the hydrant is fully functional and will remain so in case of emergency.

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We are State Certified in NFPA 25 inspections & testing for compliance. Assure your equipment is in working order in case the unthinkable may occur. Inspections can also detect flaws in aged systems, to allow for routine repairs/maintenance.

A fire hydrant can be installed as soon as all of the required permits are obtained. Asking for permission before installing a fire hydrant is important because it could disrupt the water underneath the ground and result in potential instability.

Fire hydrants need to be maintained at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Maintenance involves testing to make sure that it works properly, checking the outer walls for any physical flaws, such as leaks or dents, and checking each individual component.

To get more information about installing, maintaining and repairing fire hydrants, call Harry Caswell at (302) 945-5322. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives will help you get the information and services you need.

We provide the following complete and comprehensive services for Fire Hydrants:

  • Fire Hydrant Annual Maintenance Program as required by NFPA Code 25
  • Fire Hydrant, Gate Valve and Post Indicator Valve inspection and assessment
  • Fire Hydrant and Valve maintenance and repairs
  • New Fire Hydrant installations and grade adjustments
  • Water Flow and Pressure Tests
  • Tapping sleeves & valves
  • Private Fire Hydrants
  • Road & structure bores
  • Dry Hydrants
  • Back flow preventer installations
  • Testing
  • Repairs
  • Underground water lines
  • Ground-in Fire Risers

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