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Our dewatering systems take control of ground water levels and are a perfect solution for a wide range of construction jobs. Our innovative dewatering methods provide safer working conditions and are simple to both install and maintain. Groundwater control means reduction of pore pressures or groundwater levels to provide dry, stable and safe soil conditions in excavations below groundwater level.

Some builders choose to use water pumps to dewater these areas. Unfortunately, if they do not pay close attention to the place where water is being discharged, erosion and other problems could develop. Our professionals are knowledgeable in dewatering and apply best management practices in any job, big or small.

Wellpoint Systems

Wellpoint systems are used to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions in excavations. They are more suited for shallow foundations, utility and trench work dewatering. 

Ejector dewatering systems are able to extract groundwater and generate vacuum at the tip of wells and can be installed to depths in excess of 50-feet. Vacuum drainage can dramatically improve the stability of silty fine sands and laminated silts and clays by controlling excess pore pressures.

A deep well system comprises of an array of drilled or jetted wells, each fitted with an electric submersible pump. This technique is particularly suited to deeper excavations or where artesian groundwater pressures threaten base stability. The system is reliable and the wide spacing of the wells reduces access restrictions to a minimum. 



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