Clogged Pipes

Clogged Pipes

Clogged pipes can have a variety of causes, from a slow buildup of grime to inadvertently sending or flushing an item down the drain. If your sink stops functioning, you could attempt a liquid unclogging product or other easy-to-buy solution. Seldom do these solutions work as planned but when they do - the clog can return days or weeks later.

Some Clogs Are Not Worth Tackling Alone

There’s an assortment of popular do-it-yourself techniques for unclogging drains and pipes. The general principles are the same, though some work much better than others. Brute force is generally considered the most effective method, which can be achieved by various tools such as a snake or hydro jet. Other methods of removal require solvents, pressure, or high temperatures.

Nevertheless, calling an expert is usually the correct choice. These methods are more often than not just a temporary remedy and can lead to damaged pipes or only partially eliminate the blockage.

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