Back Flow Testing


Are You Drinking Clean Water?

Your water travels through yards of pipes throughout your home before reaching the faucet. Sometimes these pipes will intersect with your wastewater lines, and intersections present a risk of backflow. If backflow is present, there is likely contamination to your water supply. When you need reliable backflow testing, contact the professionals at Harry Caswell to check the safety of your water supply. 

What happens If We Find Contamination?

If backflow is found during testing, you can ensure you have clean drinking water by installing a backflow prevention device. We install devices at the intersection where wastewater is found entering a water line. This service helps to prevent water contamination from:





To get cleaner water right away, arrange for our backflow prevention services. The health and safety of your water supply system is crucial. Harry Caswell also offers compliance reporting, installation of new cages, and repair services.

Our technicians are ASSE certified by The Delaware Rural Water Association to perform:

  • Installations of backflows 
  • Testing and certification
  • Repairs and maintenance

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